Christmas parties

Celebrate Christmas at the Lüttelforster Mühle

In Christmas Fever

Christmas on the Lower Rhine and Christmas at the Lüttelforster Mühle will crown this festival of festivities in the heart of the nature park in one of the most traditional inns in the region. Merry Christmas!

Book in time!

Whether it’s a couple, family, colleagues or friends, the company or their club or neighborhood – the Christmas party in the Lü is designed so that everyone goes home happy. Whether they want to eat à la carte or prefer a menu, that’s your choice. And whether small or large, reasonably priced or exclusive, with or without a supporting program – everything is guaranteed to be delicious and homey.

A supporting program could be, for example, that we organize a covered wagon ride to the Lü for you. Or you can stop in the good room after cutting the Christmas tree. Or work up the necessary appetite on a winter hike. Nothing is impossible: if you like, we can even unpack fire bowls and a heating mushroom, make a bonfire and let the Christmas party take place outside. Then, when snow is involved, it trickles romance and sentimentality from the soul into the white splendor. In times of pandemic, this is probably not a bad idea at all …

Christmas is the celebration of love. Where better to live it up in the company of your loved ones than at the Lüttelforster Mühle? The Christmas Fever rises as soon as you park your car in the large Lü parking lot and cross the threshold of the hospitable house Lüttelforst 303. Yes, and if then still the Mahlstube or rustic barn to the adventlichen winter lounge, the scent of roasting wafts through the rooms and one or the other other bells ring, then the joy is great.

O Tannenbaum: Christmas parties at the Lüttelforster Mühle are like diving in the South Seas. It doesn’t get any more Advent-like than this. The Lü team, with a decorative hand, makes sure that Santa Claus is outed and crawls out of the chimney rejoicing. But first it’s time for the presents.