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Company parties in Schwalmtal

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Corporate parties are our thing. A change of scenery from the office, getting inspired, generating ideas in a charming ambience, exchanging ideas with colleagues from the other wing of the building – company celebrations in Schwalmtal at the Lüttelforster Mühle get a boost of creativity in the lap of Mother Nature. And for all its closeness to nature, the technology also works.

It is not uncommon for the success of a business or a business initiative to depend on the backdrop you provide to employees or partners. It has been scientifically proven that motivated employees are more willing to perform. This is where a company party has a beneficial effect: shackles are loosened, cultivated interaction is cultivated, and the exchange is inspiring. It’s not uncommon for an employee to come into the office on a Monday after a company party with an idea that will boost the company’s bottom line. The Lü also offers the appropriate humus for this.

The Lü makes it possible: The trainee gets to talk to the long-time employee as a table neighbor, the department manager in the beer garden with the forklift driver, the janitor at the midnight curry sausage with the office employee.

The positive effects of a successful company celebration are not only felt in the short term, but also in the long term. The fun factor from the Schwalm transfers into the company’s daily routine, employee loyalty grows considerably, and cooperation becomes smooth and friendly. And even sick leave is becoming less frequent. In addition, there is the image gain of a company that is generous and invites its staff once a year to a top address – such as the Lüttelforster Mühle.

To the point: The Lüttelforster Mühle offers the perfect location for a company party. It hardly matters whether it is a start-up or an established company with a long-standing family tradition.