Family events

Wonderful family celebrations in Schwalmtal

As a celebration for the family, the Lü offers just the right setting. It’s quite something when the chef comes to your table and tells you the recommendation of the day. Family celebrations become really familiar at the Lüttelforster Mühle. Thinking of nothing but loved ones and how well I’m doing … try it!

As with all celebrations, the same applies here: You determine the dramaturgy, we deliver silently and promptly. How far our advice, culinary offer and service goes is entirely up to you. Of course, we are happy to lend you a hand so that you can concentrate solely on your family celebration. Take advantage of our competence, creativity and experience! Our range of food, cakes and drinks is wide and can be tailored to individual needs. Is the seating arrangement correct? What’s for dessert? Which Prosecco? The spacing rules observed in the Corona Age? – For such questions, we will find a good solution together with you.

A milestone birthday, a child’s birthday, a daughter’s graduation, a christening (at the Schwalmwasser, of course…), retirement, a reunion with relatives from England, communion, confirmation, … or just to see your loved ones again in nice surroundings and have a pleasant chat: The Lü is open to everything and looks forward to your visit!

Festive ideas for family celebrations in Schwalmtal are open at the Lü. After all, you want to offer your guests an unforgettable event. The family as the original cell of our society is particularly close to the Lü-Team’s heart. We are particularly happy to roll out the red carpet for occasions in intimate company.